Softball Cleats


Our Softball Cleats in Wide Variety Help you Hit the Ground Running

The right softball cleats help you to perform at your best. They let you use all of the speed and agility that you have developed to make every moment on the field count. Choosing the right pair of softball cleats for you, the league that you play in, and the surface that you play on can make a huge difference in your ability to perform at your best. At Longstreth we provide you with a wide variety of types and brands. Whether you're looking for a first pair of molded cleats for a girl just getting into the sport or a high performance pair of metal cleats for adult competition through the spring and summer, you can find them with us. Check out the different types of Softball Cleats we carry below

Choosing the Right Softball Cleats

There are a number of different types of softball cleats. You may even want to have a few different pairs to be able to perform well on different surfaces. Molded cleats have plastic cleats on the sole of the shoe to increase grip, and the cleats can come in a variety of lengths. The longer the length the better the cleats will grip, but longer cleats can also be uncomfortable for players not used to wearing them. As a player advances through the high school and college ranks, she will usually switch to metal cleats. These grip much better than molded cleats, especially in soft dirt and on grass. The only thing to keep in mind with these is that some leagues do not allow them, due to player safety and field maintenance concerns. Softball turf shoes are also a good option for playing on wet and muddy grounds.

Some highly popular models that we carry are:
  Mizuno Softball Cleats
  Under Armour Softball Cleats
  Nike Softball Cleats

Playing softball without the right equipment would be like trying to play outfielder with a catcher's mitt. It can be done, but it puts players of all levels at a disadvantage. Luckily, Longstreth can help all of your training and practice can shine on the diamond by outfitting you and your team with the best Softball Cleats.