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Softball Gloves that Make the Play

Without a doubt, softball gloves are key to making every one of your plays count. Your split-second reaction time developed over years of practice does no good if your glove does not help you to make the play. You need a glove that is comfortable to keep you at your best over a long tournament, from a brand that you trust. Longstreth brings you all of the mitts and gloves that you need to choose from. This includes everything from youth gloves for girls just getting into the game to specialized position mitts for lifelong players.


Wilson Aura A900 12.5'' Fastpitch Softball Fielder's Glove
Wilson Aura A900 12.5'' Fastpitch Softball Fielder's Glove
Wilson Aura A900 12.5'' Fastpitch Softball Fielder's Glove
Item #: SWA0920125
Price: $76.95
Sale Price: $50.00

The Biggest Names in Softball Gloves

There are many different companies that provide you with the softball equipment that you need to outfit yourself. You probably have developed an appreciation for a certain brand, or you may want to try out a different glove to add a new element to your game. Whatever your needs, Longstreth has the brands you are looking for. This includes the latest gloves from Mizono, Easton, Wilson and Worth, among others.

Some of the best rated gloves and mitts are from the Nokona brand. This 75-year-old company still makes all of their gloves in the U.S.A. Their Buckaroo series is a new favorite among catchers and first base position players. Some of its features include light and durable kangaroo leather and a special pocket designed specifically for the needs of your fastpitch game.

You want to have the right glove on your hand for your position. From catcher's mitts to outfielder's gloves, having the right one on your hand can mean all the difference in getting the most from your hard preparation and practice. You need a glove that fits you as a player, and helps you to perform at your best in the critical points of the game.

You can trust in Longstreth to provide you with the selection you need from brands that you know make the best softball gloves.