Lacrosse Goggle Information

See the chart below for a list of approved goggles for lacrosse that are available from Longstreth Sporting Goods.

All eyewear equipment should be worn appropriately and in line with how the manufacturer intended it to be worn. All eyewear must be permanently stamped with the ASTM 3077-17 standard in the 2020 season.

For a list of products that meet the F3077 standard and are SEI certified go to and use the pull-down menu for US Lacrosse and look under Eye Protection for Women's Lacrosse

Goggles [brand/name] ITEM CODE Field Hockey ASTM 2713 Women's Lacrosse ASTM 3077-17
Brine Dynasty II Goggle LBDLG2 X Approved
Brine Vantage 2 Field Hockey or Lacrosse Goggle LBVAN2 Approved * X
Brine Dynasty Rise Goggle LBDRG X Approved
Brine Dynasty 2 TI Goggles LBD2TIG X Approved
Cascade LX Headgear and Goggle HMCLX X Approved
Cascade Polyarc Goggle LCPARC Approved * Approved
Harrow X-Vision Sport Goggle HHXVG Approved * X
Under Armour Charge 2 Lacrosse Goggles UAC2WLG X Approved
Under Armour Futures Goggle UAFG Approved * Approved
Under Armour Glory Titanium UAGTWLG X Approved

Lacrosse Goggle Rules FAQ

There is a lot of confusion about changes to the NFHS goggle rules and what is or isn't legal for the upcoming seasons . . . have no fear, our experts have spent plenty of time researching these changes so that we can help you stay ahead of the game!

No, there are other brands that are on the approved list. We have listed the ones that we currently carry and sell. You can find the complete list at:§ion=hidden-fire_and_emergency_services

No. The legal stamp is 3077-17.

Yes, for the Youth level, U14. Youth must have both the SEI logo and the 3077-17 stamp. High School and higher levels must be on the SEI approved list, but do NOT have to have the permanent SEI stamp for the 2020 season.

Right now the only product we are have found that fits over glasses, is the Cascade LX Headgear. All manufacturers have been asked to create a legal goggle that will fit over glasses, but we are still waiting for more options. Unfortunately contact lenses are the best alternative at this time.

January 1, 2025.

Example of the goggle stamp.