Lacrosse Heads


The Right Lacrosse Heads help you Rise Above the Competition

Here at Longstreth we take our commitment to the game every bit as seriously as you do. That is why we specialize in lacrosse heads specifically for you, the female athlete. When it comes right down to it, the most important moments of your lacrosse game will involve when you control the ball. The right head selection greatly improves your ability to defend, move the ball, and score. With all of the time you dedicate to practice and perfection of your game, let Longstreth provide you with the correct lacrosse head to move your game forward.

Find the Correct Lacrosse Heads for Your Position

Which lacrosse stick head you choose should depend upon how you plan to use it. As a defender you want to choose a stick head that is stiffer and flatter. This will help you to scoop and control the ball more effectively. If you're a midfielder, choose a lacrosse head with greater flexibility in the top half of the head to allow for quick, snappy releases and shots. The width of the head also matters, so choose a narrower head if you are more focused on offense, and a wider head for better scooping and control if you spend more time on defense. Attackers need to keep the ball in the pocket while dodging defenders, so a narrower, deeper head is optimal. In addition, you would also want to consider your player's age or play level to decide what kind of investment you would like to make in the lacrosse stick head.

s Lacrosse stick heads are conveniently available pre-strung, or unstrung if you prefer to customize your stringing. Even better, Longstreth features a full range of options, from premier brands like deBeer, Nike, Maverik, Under Armour, Adidas, and Brine down to heads priced for girls just starting out.

No matter what you need, Longstreth helps you get the most from your game by offering the right lacrosse heads!