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Are Your Goggles Legal for Field Hockey

If goggles are legal for field hockey, they are most likely legal for lacrosse. However, most lacrosse goggles are NOT legal for field hockey. Field hockey goggles must have the front vertical bars. See the chart below for a list of approved field hockey goggles that are available from Longstreth Sporting Goods Store.

All eyewear equipment should be worn appropriately and in line with how the manufacturer intended it to be worn. All eyewear must be permanently labeled with the ASTM 2713 standard in the 2020 fall season.

Goggles [brand/name] ITEM CODE Field Hockey ASTM 2713 Women's Lacrosse ASTM 3077-14 Youth Lacrosse ASTM 3077-14
Brine Dynasty II Goggle LBDLG2 X Approved Approved
Brine Vantage 2 Field Hockey or Lacrosse Goggle LBVAN2 Approved Approved Approved
Cascade Polyarc Goggle LCPARC Approved Approved Approved
Cascade Polyarc Titanium Lacrosse Goggles LCPARCT X Approved Approved
Cascarde Poly Air Goggle LCPA X Approved Approved
Harrow X-Vision Dual Sport Goggle HHXVG Approved Approved Approved
Under Armour Charge 2 Lacrosse Goggles UAC2WLG X Approved Approved
Under Armour Futures Goggle UAFG Approved Approved Approved
Under Armour Glory Titanium UAGTWLG X Approved Approved

In order for wire goggles to be legal for women's field hockey, they must have a wire bar that stretches vertically through the goggle. The comparison between women's field hockey and women's lacrosse goggles can be found in the image below.

field hockey vs lacrosse goggles