Choosing a Field Hockey Stick

You may want to keep a few things in mind when choosing a field hockey stick. Longstreth has a wide selection of field hockey sticks. We are confident you will find the perfect stick for you. You may also want to try out our new Stick Selector to help narrow down your search.

ELITE STICKS: At the elite level, innovation and technology combine to create the most advanced hockey sticks in the world. They are on the cutting edge of development so they evolve each year with the game! Made with 100% to 70% carbon, these sticks are designed to maximize power without sacrificing touch.
ADVANCED STICKS: This group of sticks is cutting edge for the progressive athlete. They are powerful, but more flexible and forgiving than the elite sticks. They typically contain less carbon than the elite sticks allowing for a softer touch and increased control. These sticks are perfect for the advanced player honing their skills.
COMPETITIVE STICKS: These sticks serve a wide range of skill levels. They are flexible allowing for more ball control. Competitive sticks typically contain less than 20% carbon which creates less vibration compared to sticks with higher carbon but still provide adequate power for the developing player.
BEGINNER STICKS: These entry level sticks are designed to help build basic skills. During the development of technical skills, power is not the focus. These sticks are usually constructed of 100% fiberglass or wood and have a low power level. This allows athletes to have maximum control master the basic skills of hockey.


There is not an exact science when it comes to choosing the correct length of a field hockey stick. Players have different preferences based on their level of play and what feels best to them. The most common method by which a stick can be chosen is based on a height chart.

Height Chart for Choosing a Field Hockey Stick

Field Hockey Stick Length Chart


ELITE STICKS: At the elite level, innovation and technology combine to create the most advanced hockey sticks in the world. They are on the cutting edge of development so they evolve each year with the game! These sticks are designed to maximize power without sacrificing touch.
CARBON CONTENT Increased carbon translates into greater stiffness in the stick. High carbon content contributes to high power in hits, but can also make receiving more challenging. Players need to find the right balance of power and feel to suit their game.
POWER RATING Defined on a 1-10 scale for Gryphon sticks, 10 being the highest power a stick will deliver. Power can come from a variety of factors and technologies that go into each stick to give you the ultimate "pop" -- players should remember that a higher power rating often means a stiffer stick, so make sure your ball control skills can keep up!
WEIGHT For each composite stick we offer, we include an approximate weight for a 36-36.5" stick. You can assume each additional inch will add approximately 10 grams.
SCOOP This technology refers to a 2mm groove in the toe of the stick which varies in length but runs up the shaft of the stick. This feature aids in cradling the ball for heightened control in ball handling, lifts (both forehand and backhand), drag flicking assistance and aerial skills.
VIBRATION As a stick's carbon content increases, there is a tendency for greater vibration or sting in the handle. Vibration does not necessarily equate to the stick being broken. Manufacturers have added features within the stick handle to specifically address and ultimately absorb the vibration. Additionally, sticks need to warm up just like their owners! Give your stick a chance to warm up for optimal performance!
BOW All composite sticks have a bow from the handle to the toe. Most sticks have a bow measuring at least 19mm, while the elite level sticks will have a bow closer to 25mm. We offer four bow profiles represented throughout our stick line.
THE EXTREME LATE BOW This bow is the lowest placement of the 25mm bow possible to produce the ultimate in ball control. The Extreme Late Bow shape maximizes dynamic ball control, aerial pass skills and drag flick consistency. This shape can be used all over the field.
THE LATE BOW This low bow is typically about 25mm and the highest point is close to the toe of the stick. This shape offers extra assistance with lifting the ball, aerials and drag flicking, as well as dynamic ball movement.
THE CONTROL BOW The center of the bow is between the late bow and the regular bow. This location allows for extra assistance keeping forehand and backhand passes on the playing surface while hitting as well as improving ball control and receptions.
THE REGULAR BOW A regular bow has the highest point of the bow placed in the midsection or center of the shaft, assisting in every skill of the game. The bow's measurements range from 20mm to 25mm depending on the stick.


Gryphon PRO
The Pro shape has a moderate late bow that will enhance dynamic skills without requiring major changes to perform the basics.
Gryphon T-BONE
This late hybrid shape features a thicker shaft above the toe maximizing 3D skills and control on upright backhands.
Gryphon DEUCE II
A must have shape for all 3D skill lovers. The extreme late bow of this shape enhances skills such as dribbling and lifting the ball for overheads and drag flicking.
This extreme late bow is identical to the Deuce II shape, but the Samurai shape features a control groove shaft to assist in the action of dragging the ball.
CC is an even profile mid bow stick. A 23mm curve peaks 300mm up the stick to provide assistance to all skills in the game that best suits a simple, no fuss playing style.