Field Hockey Sticks at Longstreth Sporting Goods Store

Need help picking out the perfect stick? Take our Stick Quiz and let your stick find you.


Selecting the Right Field Hockey Stick

At Longstreth we stock the finest brand names in field hockey equipment like TK, Gryphon, Ritual, Osaka, Grays, and more.

Longstreth carries field hockey sticks with high carbon content for increased power and wooden sticks and fiberglass sticks for players learning and developing their skills. For the indoor field hockey game we offer a variety of indoor sticks that are much thinner and can be used on a court surface.

Beyond the material, players must choose the right length, weight, shape and bow position. When you consider that the stick is an extension of a player's arms, you realize how important the right stick selection is. Need help picking out the perfect stick? Take our Stick Quiz and let your stick find you. Still have questions? Contact Longstreth and speak with one of our field hockey experts!


Field Hockey Sticks: The Shape of the Game

Once upon a time, choice in sticks meant whether you wanted mulberry, ash or hickory wood. Now players can select from composite sticks, fiberglass, or simply wood. Field hockey sticks have evolved from handmade sticks made from mulberry saplings to finely made wood, composite, carbon and fiberglass-reinforced sticks for today's field hockey player that provide the player with greater control and power.

Fortunately, at Longstreth, you have the ready advice of field hockey experts on all these topics. When you ask the Field Hockey Expert, you are working directly with our group of experts – current and former players and coaches. Only genuine field hockey experts answer the many questions players, parents and visitors have in the Field Hockey Forum. A quick browse through past postings can give you plenty of thoughts on stick selection, or you can ask a new question based on your unique circumstances.

Contact Longstreth today for the widest selection of field hockey sticks. Whether you need wood, indoor, goalkeeper or composite sticks, turn to Longstreth for the finest service and quality in field hockey sticks.