Choosing a Stick

You may want to keep in mind a few things when choosing a field hockey stick. Longstreth has a wide selection of field hockey sticks. We are confident you will find the perfect stick for you.

  • Elite sticks combine innovation and technology to create the most advanced field hockey sticks in the world. These sticks are designed to maximize power.

  • Advanced sticks are for the cutting-edge, progressive athlete. These field hockey sticks are powerful, but more flexible than the Elite-level sticks, allowing for softer receiving.

  • Competitive sticks are more flexible, enhancing ball control. These field hockey sticks produce less vibration, but still provide adequate power.

  • Junior and wood sticks provide maximum control, making them great for the new field hockey player.

Length of Stick

There is not an exact science when it comes to choosing the correct length of a field hockey stick. Players have different preferences based on their level of play and what feels best to them. The most common method by which a stick can be chosen is based on a height chart.

Height Chart for Choosing a Field Hockey Stick

Field Hockey Stick Length Chart