Composite Softball Bats


Composite Softball Bats Beat the Competition

Composite softball bats are relatively new to the sport of fastpitch softball, but they are now required equipment for serious players. A quick look at the NCAA Women's College World Series proves this, but for a long time aluminum bats were the choice of the best players.

What changed? Technology improved, and along with it the ability to produce bats that could dominate the performance of any other material. Composite bats perform so well that manufacturers have to be careful to limit the performance of their bats. You can find the bat that will give your game that edge at Longstreth.

Composite Softball Bats from Trusted Brands

There are certain brands that you trust when you step into the batter's box. Names like Louisville, Easton, DeMarini, Mizuno and Worth. These are the makers of the bats that help elite players perform at their best when the pressure is highest. With all of the work that you put into your game, you should give yourself the same edge.


One of the most popular composite bats in recent years is the DeMarini CF series. The CF8 provides a fully composite barrel and handle. The company claims to offer you the biggest sweet spot available. All composite bats are known for having a big sweet spot, but DeMarini says it is the best.

Another hugely popular bat series from recent years is the Easton Mako. The Easton Mako offers an extremely fast swinging bat along with an array of technology options. At the top end, Easton claims its revolutionary TORQ handle will help you to keep your hands squared up for maximum power and accuracy.

No matter which brand you choose, a composite bat will help you to swing faster and hit more accurately every time. Composite bats all push the limits of technology to bring you more power and speed. This means that they will all be right up to the edge of maximum performance.

Longstreth offers you the ability to take your game to the edge with a full lineup of composite softball bats.