Voodoo Limitless Field Hockey Stick

Item Number: AVL22
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Voodoo Limitless Field Hockey Stick   Item # AVL22


VOODOO Limitless has been designed and constructed for true performance under pressure. Don't be fooled by the weight, the Supa Lite Core delivers the lightest and most responsive stick on the market for the high-quality skills and lethal hitting power.

The Limitless field hockey stick is a combination of Supa Lite Core, Responsive Resin Tech, Carbon Weave Laminate and Dual Kevlar Technology. With the combination of the Dual Kevlar technology, it maximizes the impact diffusion for a smoother feel on the ball. The Supa Lite Core reduces the overall weight and allows for high-speed stick movements while the CW Laminate increases the overall strength of the stick to deliver the highest power.

• Level: Elite
• Carbon Quotient: 100
• Shape: Extreme Low Bow
• Targeted Weight: 515 grams

VOODOO Hockey was born out of a desire to build products for field hockey players who wanted the ultimate sticks, but with a difference…

VOODOO's desire is to create products that have such energy and such a force about them that people will only have one choice when it comes to hockey equipment.

The entire VOODOO range of sticks is designed, constructed, and produced with authenticity and imagination. At VOODOO, there are high expectations, and they demand superior performance from all their products.

Supa Lite Core - The SLC technology is used within the Ultimate stick range to deliver a light hockey stick with a high balance point. Sleek skills guaranteed.

Carbon Weave Laminate - The CW Laminate provides extra strength with a lightweight feel and high balance point for sharper skills.

Responsive Resin Technology - The Resin maximizes the strength in the stick laminate for a super responsive feel.

Dual Kevlar Technology - Double Kevlar reinforcement to maximize the impact diffusion for a smoother feel.

Elite Sticks - At the elite level, innovation and technology combine to create the most advanced hockey sticks in the world. They are on the cutting edge of development, so they evolve each year with the game. These sticks are designed to maximize power without sacrificing touch.

Extreme Low Bow - The extreme low bow shape maximizes dynamic ball control, aerial pass skills, and drag flick consistency.