TK4 Entry Level Goalkeeping Set

Item Number: HGTKGELS22
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TK4 Entry Level Goalkeeping Set   Item # HGTKGELS22

• Recommended for middle school and youth play
• Package includes: legguards, kickers, hand protection, girdle, upper body protector
• Arm guards are permanantly attached to the chest protector
• Pelvic protector must be purchased separately
• Throat protector must be purchased separately
• Helmet must be purchased separately
• Set comes packaged in a duffle bag for shipping purposes only. This bag does not have wheels or an extended handle. We recommend purchasing a separate goalie bag for easy transport.

Size Guide


Height: 20"

Width: 10"

Player Height: 4'11"-5'1"

Women's Shoe Size: 4-6


Height: 21"

Width: 10 1/2"

Player Height: 5'1"-5'4"

Women's Shoe Size: 5-8


Height: 22"

Width: 11"

Player Height: 5'4-5'8"

Women's Shoe Size: 7-10