TK2.JR Late Bow Field Hockey Stick

Item Number: ATK2JR
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TK2.JR Late Bow Field Hockey Stick   Item # ATK2JR

The TK 2 Junior is ideal for those seeking a performance advantage over 'entry level' junior sticks.

8K Carbon offers you high power output with ultra-lightweight, whilst the NPR spread throughout the construction of the stick further enhances the stiffness and feel.

The TK2.JR Late Bow's profile is perfect for those junior players who are looking to get serious about their game.

Featuring a sweeping profile, it is designed to offer all round assistance to a 360-degree skill set. Perfect for those players looking for an all-rounder.

• Level: beginner
• Shape: low bow
• Composition: 30% carbon, 10% kevlar, 60% fiberglass
• Targeted weight: 510 grams

THE LOW BOW This low bow is typically about 25mm and the highest point is close to the toe of the stick. This shape offers extra assistance with lifting the ball, aerials and drag flicking, as well as dynamic ball movement.

8K Carbon - A biaxial carbon fiber designed to offer high strength and dissipating of impact forces. The unidirectional carbon roving is aligned at the zero angle with unwoven carbon and then bonded together in sheet form. This process helps to increase the stiffness and realize maximum potential power output.

NANO POLYMER REINFORCEMENT - A self-assembling group of co-polymers are linked together and then spread throughout the structure of the stick to increase the laminate strength. In conventional constructions, glassfibre is needed to improve the feel and therefore add weight. By adding the NPR to the epoxy, TK was able to significantly increase the impact strength and at the same time offer sticks with much greater feel despite their ultra-high stiffness.