TK Total One Carbon Braid 256 Field Hockey Stick

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TK Total One Carbon Braid 256 Field Hockey Stick   Item # ATKTCB256
Sports Product Description

Experience the TK Total One CB-256 field hockey stick with unparalleled strength to revolutionize the elite player's game with extreme impact and ultra-stiffness. This field hockey stick shape offers extra assistance with lifting the ball, aerials, and drag flicking - as well as dynamic ball movement. Perfect for the elite field hockey athlete.

  • TK Hy-Braid technology optimizes game play and vibration reduction with ultra-stiffness and unparalleled strength for extreme impact
  • Composition: 90% Carbon, 10% Kevlar
  • Bow: Late Bow - 25mm
  • Length: 36.5, 37.5
  • Targeted Weight: 500 grams

TOTAL ONE TECHNOLOGY: Longstreth is excited to bring TK's technology to the U.S. field hockey market. TK's innovation team has utilized biaxial braiding technology to enable automated high-quality production of continuous fiber composite components. The mechanical interlocking of the carbon fibers and aramid results in high energy impact absorption properties to reduce deflections when receiving.

Total One is both the lightest and strongest field hockey stick in the market! The high-end Carbon Braid creates a seamless structure throughout the stick, distributing impact evenly and giving a perfect feel and ultra-stiffness. Total One is the first field hockey stick utilizing 100% carbon braiding technology allowing different layers of braid to move together, making it impossible for a crack to spread throughout the stick. Total One has been designed to bear extreme impact and provide ultra-stiffness.

The Total Ones offer ultra-lightweight, enhanced speed and maneuverability without compromising on strength and feel. They are perfect for the elite field hockey player who wants to revolutionize her game.