TK Total 2.5 Innovate Field Hockey Stick

Item Number: ATKT2520
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TK Total 2.5 Innovate Field Hockey Stick   Item # ATKT2520

The TK Total Two series features high performance materials and leading construction methods to produce sticks that provide a range of innovation and offer something to suit all players.

Late bow provides great ball control and aerial skills with good power.

• Level: Advanced
• Composition: 30% Carbon, 10% Aramid, 60% Fiberglass
• Shape: Late Bow
• Targeted Weight: 530g

Technology: Integrated Dampening System - Piezoelectric Fibers convert kinetic energy into electrical signals and finally heat energy helping dissipate ball play vibrations.

Nano Technology - A construction which enhances the mechanical strength of the stick to provide maximum stiffness and potential power output.

Innovate Shape - The innovate profile is designed to offer all round assistance to a 360-degree skillset, allowing the player to perform all aspects of game play well.

Advanced Sticks - This group of sticks is cutting edge for the progressive athlete. They are powerful, but more flexible and forgiving than the elite sticks. These typically have a little less carbon than the elite sticks which allows for a softer touch and increased control for the advanced player honing their skills.

Late Bow - This low bow is typically about 25mm and the highest point is close to the toe of the stick. This shape offers extra assistance with lifting the ball, aerials, and dynamic ball movement.