Swax Lax Numbered Goalie Indoor Ball - Pack of 3 Balls

Item Number: BLSLBG
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Swax Lax Numbered Goalie Indoor Ball - Pack of 3 Balls   Item # BLSLBG

Swax Lax goalie training balls feature numbered panels, which allow coaches to train goalies to develop a laser focus by having them call out the numbers and colors of incoming shots.

• Weight per ball: 142 to 149 grams
• Diameter per ball: 64 mm

Product Benefits:

• Feels the same in a goalie's stick for saves and for clears.
• Our patent-pending soft ball helps beginners develop their skills with more confidence.
• Makes lacrosse more approachable to beginners.
• Softer than hard rubber lacrosse balls and gentle on hardwood gym floors.
• Less bounce and no rebounds make for a more productive practice environment.
• Perfect for indoor play.
• Highly durable and shock absorbent.

Swax Lax LLC offers a 90-day replacement-ball guarantee on balls deemed defective in materials or workmanship under normal lacrosse game-playing conditions. This guarantee is valid on balls purchased through an authorized retailer. Please email Swax Lax a photo of the damaged ball and proof of purchase at info@swaxlax.com. They cannot guarantee a replacement ball of the same color.