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StringKing Legend W Metal Complete Stick

Item Number: LASKLWMCS
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StringKing Legend W Metal Complete Stick   Item # LASKLWMCS
Sports Product Description

The Complete W women's lacrosse stick features a stiff construction, expertly strung mesh pocket, and ultra-lightweight shaft to deliver superior performance and unmatched consistency.

Why StringKing Complete W?

The Legend W head and Type W mesh pocket were designed together by StringKing's expert team of engineers and stringers. The result is a pocket with better hold, more control, and unmatched consistency. Every part of the Complete W lacrosse stick, from the stiff construction to the stringing pattern, was carefully developed to ensure consistent performance every time you step on the field. The lightweight Complete W is designed to play fast. StringKing removed unnecessary material in the head and shaft to reduce weight without sacrificing strength. That means faster hands, faster shots, and more consistent performance.

• NCAA and NFHS legal
• Recommended for all players- Mesh is popular for taking the draw.

• Legend W head
• The Legend W women's lacrosse head features a stiff construction for added consistency and a pinched face shape to maximize control
• 117 grams

• Type W mesh, mid pocket
• A mesh pocket makes stringing and maintenance much simpler
• weatherproof construction
• No bagging out, No adjustments.
• Semi-soft
• 23 grams

• Metal 2 W shaft
• manufactured with a custom high-grade aluminum alloy that features super-strong metals like Scandium, Titanium, and Zinc to make sure they’re as light, stiff, and strong as possible.
• Lightweight
• durable and consistent performance
• 120 grams