Softball Catcher's Gear


Get Ready for this Season with Softball Catchers Gear

If you are a catcher, you know that you need the right softball catchers gear to keep you performing at your best behind the plate. At every practice and during every game, you spend hours in your catching stance serving as the target for everything from perfectly thrown fastballs to the occasional wild pitch. You need equipment that protects you and keeps you comfortable through all seven innings so that you can maintain your focus. Longstreth provides you with the right gear so that you can react in a split second and make the right play every time.

Protect the Plate with Softball Catchers Gear

There are three main pieces of equipment that you wear for protection: your helmet, chest protection, and leg guards. If any one of these pieces of equipment fails you, it could have serious consequences, and not just for the game. The most important thing to protect is your head, with a helmet from a brand that you trust, like Wilson, Easton, Mizuno, or another favorite. Today's helmets for catchers combine the safety protection of a face mask and a helmet in a single piece. Even youth players get the full face protection that is needed to stay safe from foul balls and swinging bats. Top of the line helmets feature the latest innovations in padding for the perfect fit and extra shock protection.

It is not only your head that needs protection behind the plate. Your torso and legs can take quite a beating, and trying to stay in your catching stance for a full tournament with bruised legs is never fun. Chest and leg protectors defend your body and legs, especially your knees, from stray pitches and thrown bats. You also need a chest protector specially designed with the female athlete in mind, and you know that we specialize in all the sports equipment for female athlete including Softball Cleats and turf shoes.

Equipment for catchers comes from the brands you know with the latest in materials to keep you light, comfortable, and responsive. Longstreth offers you the variety of products that you need to make sure that you always have the right softball catchers gear.