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STX 2 See Pro TI Field Hockey Goggles

Item Number: STXGFTP
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 Detailed Description
Sports Product Name
STX 2 See Pro TI Field Hockey Goggles   Item # STXGFTP
Sports Product Description
  • The lightest weight goggle in the game
  • Titanium wires deliver better visibility without sacrificing protection
  • Low profile design and unique wire configuration provide superior visibility
  • Silicone padding does not absorb sweat or moisture
  • Meets ASTM F2713-14 requirements for women’s field hockey and ASTM F803-11 for women’s lacrosse
  • Colors: gray or black

    Are Your Goggles Legal?
    Goggles [brand/name] ITEM CODE Field Hockey ASTM 2713 Women's Lacrosse ASTM 3077-14 Youth Lacrosse ASTM 3077-14
    Bangerz Elite LHSE Approved Approved Approved
    Bangerz Sunglass Eyeguard LHS7900 -- Approved Approved
    Bangerz Goggle LHPG -- -- --
    Bangerz Sleek Fitting Eyeguard LHS5500 -- -- --
    Bangerz Sleek Fitting Eyeguard Youth LHS6000Y Approved Approved Approved
    Bangerz Over the Glasses LHOGG -- -- Approved
    Cascade Polyarc LCPARC Approved Approved Approved
    STX 2 SEE Pro TI Dual Sport Goggle STXGFTP Approved Approved Approved
    STX 2 SEE Dual Sport Goggle STXFHG Approved Approved Approved
    STX 2 SEE YOUTH Dual Sport Goggle STXFHGY Approved Approved Approved
    STX Rookie Goggle LSGGLXR Approved Approved Approved