Ritual Ultra 95+ Field Hockey Stick

Item Number: ARU121
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Ritual Ultra 95+ Field Hockey Stick   Item # ARU121

The Ultra was built for elite players looking for an extreme bow. The Ultra 95+ is pretty much the pinnacle of that design, used by Olympic athletes and professional players all over the world. Ultra 95+ has been shaped to the maximum FIH specifications, with an ultra-low 200mm bow point, tapered base and sharp 24mm profile. Each stick is made from premium composite materials: Kevlar sourced from The Netherlands, fiberglass from France and 95% Japenese carbon fiber.

The ultimate of low bow hockey sticks.

• Includes a Triple-Layer Handle System and Plus+ Head Shape.
• Level: Elite
• Composition: 95% Carbon, 5% Kevlar
• Shape: Extreme Low Bow

Plus+ Head Shape - Our new Plus+ head shape is an original Ritual design. Plus+ sticks have 20% more surface area on the toe, with square edges for better reverse, lifting and 3D skills.

Triple-Layer Handle System - A fused gel layer that reduces impact and vibration. The EVA Foam wrap increases cushioning and comfort, while the Super Soft grip provides extra traction.

Elite Sticks - At the elite level, innovation and technology combine to create the most advanced hockey sticks in the world. They are on the cutting edge of development so they evolve each year with the game! These sticks are designed to maximize power without sacrificing touch.

Extreme Low Bow - The extreme late bow shape maximizes dynamic ball control, aerial pass skills and drag flick consistency.