Ritual Ultra 55+ Field Hockey Stick

Item Number: ARU55
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Ritual Ultra 55+ Field Hockey Stick   Item # ARU55

The Ultra is a specialist stick, built for razor-sharp 3D skills. We've shaped this stick to the absolute maximum FIH specifications. It's got an ultra-thin tapered base, aggressive 24mm profile and an extremely low bow, set just 20cm from the head. You'll notice the medium balance point, too: that gives Ultra it's smooth, even swing weight. The Ultra 55+ is made from 55% Japanese carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass. It's more affordably priced than our premium sticks.

• Includes Triple-Layer Handle System and Plus+ Head Shape.
• Level: Advanced
• Composition: 55% Carbon, 40% Fiberglass, 5% Kevlar
• Shape: Extreme Low Bow

Plus+ Head Shape - Our new Plus+ head shape is an original Ritual design. Plus+ sticks have 20% more surface area on the toe, with square edges for better reverse, lifting and 3D skills.

Triple-Layer Handle System - A fused gel layer that reduces impact and vibration. The EVA Foam wrap increases cushioning and comfort, while the Super Soft grip provides extra traction.

Advanced Sticks - This group of sticks is cutting edge for the progressive athlete. They are powerful, but more flexible and forgiving than the elite sticks. These typically have a little less carbon than the elite sticks which allows for a softer touch and increased control for the advanced player honing their skills.

Extreme Low Bow - The extreme late bow shape maximizes dynamic ball control, aerial pass skills and drag flick consistency.