Power Shaft Field

Item Number: LAPSF
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Power Shaft Field   Item # LAPSF

The Power Shaft is an exciting solid-weighted training shaft that fits every manufacturer's lacrosse shaft and gives you the workout you need to build strength you won't get in a weight room. The Power Shaft will develop and build strength in the muscles specifically needed to be a better lacrosse player. Bench presses and military presses do not simulate the motion of shooting a lacrosse ball, nailing a check or increasing your hand speed to make that save.

• Attackers: Increase shot speed, make quicker feeds, change hands faster!
• Centers: Increase hand speed, become more explosive, dominate the draw controls!
• Defenders: Put a power in your check, stronger, steadier hold of your stick inches from the attacker, dominate in the last minutes with endurance!
• Goalies: Regular stick will feel light as feather, gain cat-like reflexes, increase power behind your clears!
• 30 inches, 2.2 lbs.