Softball Pitching Machines


Make Practice Fun with Softball Pitching Machines

There is no doubt that fastpitch softball takes a toll on pitcher's arms. It is unwise for a coach to ask too much of a developing pitcher during daily practice, and softball pitching machines can help to solve this problem so that the rest of the team can practice in realistic, repeatable conditions. A pitching machine never tires out, and simply needs someone to keep on feeding the ball into the pitching mechanism or loading basket.


What Can Fastball Pitching Machines Do for You?

Longstreth has a variety of pitching machines available in-store or online. One example is the versatile Lite-Flite pitching machine. Weighing in at only 35 pounds, this machine can easily be taken along to games for warm-ups, or used in daily practice to for a variety of drills. It uses a highly visible 12" Lite-Flite ball for predictable and true throws, even at regulation distance. These are even safe to use for indoor batting practice.

Pitching machines can help you to improve more than just your hitting game. They can often be used to send out fly balls or grounders. On a swivel, they can allow for very rapid repeats of some of the most important skill building drills, without the need for a coach or another player to hit the ball well.

You put a lot of money in quality softball equipment and put thousands of hours into building your softball skills and becoming the most versatile player that you can be. Pitching machines are a highly important part of building these skills because of the variety of drills that they can help you perform. It takes uncountable repetitions of a skill to build it into a permanent part of your muscle memory.

Longstreth gives you the ability to perform the drills that you need on your own or with the help of a friend with the use of fastball pitching machines.