OBO OGO Hand Protectors

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OBO OGO Hand Protectors
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OBO OGO Hand Protectors   Item # CR483

The OBO OGO hand protectors are made with a lightweight foam that offers great protection and rebound.

• High density foam helps dissipate impact.
• Left hand blocker is designed for total protection and is shaped to help deflect the ball down towards your feet.
• Right hand protector is designed to allow full wrist movement, which is essential to get to the ball and clear it quickly.
• Right hand protector also has an adjustable strap to hold stick in place.
• Size: one size
• sold as a pair

OBO OGO Hand Protectors
5 star review for OBO OGO Hand Protectors Wonderful
Love these hand guards, not much to it. After a very long time in use (seen in my old guards) the velcro might wear out but that can be easily fixed with your own velcro or buying a new set of straps.They do the job
Kaelin R

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