NEDSTAR Groove G2 Field Hockey Stick

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NEDSTAR Groove G2 Field Hockey Stick   Item # ANG2
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Take advantage of the uniquely designed NedStar GROOVE G2 field hockey stick. For the advanced field hockey player, turn your aerial and 3D skills into your favorite, most successful moves by choosing this field hockey stick. Take advantage of the progressive innovation and powerful graphics that will surely shock your opponents.

• Powerful stick with effortless transition between ball on the turf and aerial skills
• #progressiveinnovation
• Composition: 60% Carbon, 35% Fiberglass, 5% Aramid
• Bow: Late Bow
• Length: 36.5, 37.5
• Targeted Weight: 540 grams

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product review Great stick!
I was in need for an upgrade because my stick was 2 1/2 inches too short. Also Im learning many new skills being on a tournament team so I needed something better than my TK Trillium 4 that was 34 inches. I went in the store thinking I would like the TK Synergy 3 but a very nice lady who worked there suggested sticks for me to try. After a lot of trying out different sticks this NEDSTAR had a good feel and tricks like aerials were very easy. There is great ball control and I would definitely recommend! btw Im a forward
- Lindsey, DE