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Maverik Axiom Vertex Strung Head

Item Number: LAMAVSH
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Maverik Axiom Vertex Strung Head   Item # LAMAVSH
Sports Product Description

High hold, molded sweet spot to the exact shape of the ball maximizes hold and increases control. Consistent channel, outer runners shaped for driving the ball to the sweet spot for a quicker release. Material maintains consistent pocket shape and form in all weather conditions. A consistent pocket promotes consistent shooting and increases accuracy. Proudly strung in New York.

• Head: Axiom
• Minimum legal pinched face shape channels the ball to the sweet spot for a quick release on the move.
• Scoop shape optimized for accurate passing and shooting.
• Shielded sidewall and scoop holes protect stringing from wear and tear.
• Stiff sidewall design delivers greater energy transfer during shooting.
• Colors: black/blue, white/yellow, white/grey, black/grey