Magnets In Motion - Field Hockey

Item Number: GH46
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Magnets In Motion - Field Hockey   Item # GH46

Field Hockey Player with Skirt Car Magnet allows you to show off your favorite sport! This field hockey car magnet is an attractive silhouette of a field hockey player running down the field. Inspire your field hockey teams on a daily basis with a field hockey magnet on your vehicle or refrigerator.

• Size: 5"h x 4.75"w
• Made in the USA
• Detailed field hockey car magnet.
• Sticks to any magnetic surface! Use outdoors or indoors.

Use and car instructions:

• Remove tape from the back of magnet.
• Magnet and application surface must be clean, dry, waxed, and cured (hardened).
• Remove magnet before washing vehicle.
• Do not place magnet on fresh paint, or on a surface subject to high temperatures from internal heat source.
• Do not bend. To Remove, lift entire magnet. Do not pull by head, arms,sticks, etc.
• Clean and relocate magnet every 4 days.