Lacrosse Balls & Ball Bags


Lacrosse Balls to Keep your Game Rolling

There is nothing quite like the sight of the lacrosse balls flying fast through the air and your teammates warming up before practice or a game, as you all get ready to work on improving your game or beating a rival team. You take your game seriously, and Longstreth does too. That's why we carry a selection of practice and official game balls, so that you are prepared to practice inside or outside, in low light or in the brightness of the middle of the day. Soft bean bag-like practice balls from Swax make indoor winter practice safer and realistic with the same weight that you will use on game day. When you need to practice on your own, there are even individual practice balls that attach to the end of your stick so that you can realistically catch and release an official NCAA-sized ball.


Cradlebaby - Lacrosse Training Ball
Cradlebaby - Lacrosse Training Ball
Cradlebaby - Lacrosse Training Ball
Item #: BLCB
Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $10.00
Low Density Lacrosse Ball
Low Density Lacrosse Ball
Low Density Lacrosse Ball
Item #: BCSLB
Price: $2.00
Sale Price : $2.00

The Real Deal: Official Lacrosse Balls

High visibility or soft practice balls are great for improving your skills and adapting to practice conditions, but on game day you need the real thing. The NCAA has very specific regulations regarding the color, weight and bounce height of a lacrosse ball. As of 2014, all balls used in official competitions must carry an official NOCSAE/NFHS stamp to certify that they comply with the official standards.

On game day, put away the practice gear and get the real thing so that you not only comply, but you also are ready to play up to standards. Even if you are just starting out in the sport, you will know that you are playing to the same standards as an elite player headed to the new semi-pro league starting up this year.

Whatever it is that you need to bring your game up to the next level, Longstreth provides you with the lacrosse equipment that you are looking for, including a wide selection of lacrosse balls.