Kollectaball K-Strike Ball Collector

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Kollectaball K-Strike Ball Collector
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Kollectaball K-Strike Ball Collector   Item # HO14

The Kollectaball Strike or K-Strike is the most versatile ball collector of spherical objects available anywhere! Use this innovative product to collect field hockey or lacrosse balls. The K-Strike is a lifelong tool that'll solve the issue of forever bending down to collect sports balls. It has the unique, inbuilt dispensing unit which will allow you to empty the balls back into a bucket in seconds and also features our patented wire removal system.

This product will need assembling

The K-Strike will pick up:
• Field Hockey balls - 24 balls
• Lacrosse balls - 24 balls
• Baseball balls - 24 balls
• Tennis balls - 40 balls

Assembling your Kollectaball Max / K-Strike

Kollectaball K-Strike Collecting Field Hockey Balls

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