HOCSOCX Under Shin-Guard Socks

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HOCSOCX Under Shin-Guard Socks   Item # HSOCX

Hocsocx are liner socks worn under shin guards and provide very specific benefits. Their special breathable fabric blend is designed specifically as shin guard rash protection. They are exceptionally comfortable, stay in place and are superior to shin guard sleeves because they don't ride up or fall down. For added comfort, the top wide band stays in place without binding.

Hocsocx are a high performance sport socx with exceptional protection, comfort and support compression that athletes require. Hocsocx breathable blend of nylon/lycra (spandex). The incredibly thin, durable Hocsocx design withstands high impact performance, without adding extra bulk in the athletic shoe like other shin guard socks. It performs better than compression sleeves or shin guard sleeves that tend to fall or ride up, or add too much compression.

• Use under shinguards to prevent rash and irritation. Can also be used to hold the shinguard inplace.
• Lightweight breathable performance fabric.
• Provides a light Compression that increases muscular endurance and recovery.
• Available in several popular patterns including Longstreth exclusive designs: Crabs and Mermaid Tails - only available at Longstreth
• Sizes: MEDIUM: Ladies (shoe size 5 - 10), SMALL: Youth (shoe size 13C - 4Y)

Care Instructions: Hocsocx should be washed in a gentle cycle or mesh delicates bag for maximum durability. Tumble dry low heat. Do not use bleach or dry clean.

HOCSOCX Under Shin-Guard Socks
5 star review for HOCSOCX Under Shin-Guard Socks Awesome!!!!
I absolutely love hocSocx! Before I got these I would always get shinguard rash and that would be very uncomfortable so I was looking for something like this for a while. I found an STX version of these but they were very uncomfortable, too tight and not stretchy. These are everything that I wanted and they have fun designs too! I would definitely recommend HocSocx.
- Lindsey, DE
5 star review for HOCSOCX Under Shin-Guard Socks Cant go without them!
I love my hocsocxs! I cannot wear my shin guards without them. Very comfortable to wear, and come in many designs! Just be very careful when washing them because they tend to rip sometimes. Other than that, great product!

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