Gryphon Tour T-Bone Field Hockey Stick

Item Number: AKTOURTB16
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Sports Product Name
Gryphon Tour T-Bone Field Hockey Stick   Item # AKTOURTB16
Sports Product Description

The T-Bone's shape is a hybrid shape combining the best attributes of the mid and low curve shapes. The T-Bone has a max curve point of 225mm that gives extra power and control to drag flicks and easy lifts for overheads and 3D skills. The T-Bone is slightly angled which improves reverse stick control.

Gryphon Tour T-Bone

  • Unparalleled power and flawless touch
  • A hybrid shape combines the best attributes of mid and low bow shapes for 3D skills
  • An extended, angled toe improves reverse stick control
  • Bow: Late Bow - 23.8mm
  • Length: 36.5, 37.5
  • Targeted weight: 550 grams
  • Note: price includes shipping cost.

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