Gryphon Field Hockey Sticks

GRYPHON Field Hockey brings players several ranges so there is the perfect field hockey stick for every level of game. Gryphon is the choice of top, elite players including U.S. Women's National Team athletes Mary Beth Barham and Ally Hammel. Gryphon field hockey sticks are available in four shapes. The Pro offers dynamic versatility; the T-Bone maximizes your basic skills; the DII is a must have for all 3D skill lovers; the Samurai offers the ultimate dragflick; and the Classic Curve has an even profile with a mid-bow. Gryphon developed a signature Carbon Quotient system that helps field hockey players choose the perfect stick for them. Defined on a 1-10 scale, a quotient rating of 10 indicates the highest power a stick will deliver. Power comes from a variety of factors and technologies. Players should remember that a higher power rating often means a stiffer stick and may require advanced ball control skills. We carry a full line of Gryphon field hockey equipment including sticks, bags, gloves, grips, shin guards, goalkeeping equipment and shoes.


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