Gryphon GXX Lazer Field Hockey Stick

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Gryphon GXX Lazer Field Hockey Stick   Item # AKL20

Develop your style.

FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF SUPERSTARS - With a nice soft feel on the ball it provides a high level of control, allowing you to improve your game and graduate to the next level. This stick will help develop those basic skills and gain confidence.

• Level: Beginner
• Composition: 100% Fiberglass
• Shape: Regular Bow
• Targeted Weight: 475g

Technology: Resin Matrix - The Resin Matrix is the process of molding the stick where the resin combines both the chemical and physical structures of different fibers together. When fibers and resin are combined, they form a composite material with new characteristics that are better than the individual components.

Lay-Up - The fiber composition and lay-up are major components in defining how a stick performs. GRYPHON's lay-up is the performance X' factor. We do this differently. For us, it's an art. It's a sixth sense based on years of experience and the knowledge of how to best achieve the desired result of power, and get a great crisp feel to allow that instant response from the players hands for exceptional ball control.

Classic Curve Shape - SIMPLE PLAYING STYLE - The Classic Curve is an even profile mid bow stick. A 23mm curve peaks 300mm up the stick to provide assistance to all skill in the game that best suits a simple, no fuss playing style.

Beginner Sticks - These sticks are a must for players who are just beginning. While developing basic skills, power of a stick is not the focus. Instead, maximum control is necessary for a player to master the basic skills of hockey.

Regular Bow - A regular bow has the highest point of the bow placed in the midsection or center of the shaft, assisting in every skill of the game. The bow's measurements range from 20mm to 25mm depending on the stick.

Gryphon GXX Lazer Field Hockey Stick
5 star review for Gryphon GXX Lazer Field Hockey Stick Great stick for the price
Great stick for our girl in clinic field hockey. Decent stick for a decent cost. Nothing crazy, but a fun design and perfect for a developing young player.
5 star review for Gryphon GXX Lazer Field Hockey Stick Great stick!
My 8 year old got great use of this. It took a real beating and held up well.
Michael Ferrick
5 star review for Gryphon GXX Lazer Field Hockey Stick Great size & quality for beginner or shorter player
Great size for introducing my young daughter to the field hockey sport. Quick shipping, great packaging for awkward size product.
Pauline Savidge
5 star review for Gryphon GXX Lazer Field Hockey Stick Field Hockey stick
Ordered this field hockey stick for my daughter and she loves it! The colors are perfect together and the grip is super comfortable. Excited to see her skills improve with her new stick!
Mike Fischer
5 star review for Gryphon GXX Lazer Field Hockey Stick Love it
Great product! My daughter loves it!