Grays KN7000 Probow Field Hockey Stick

Item Number: AGKN7000
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Grays KN7000 Probow Field Hockey Stick   Item # AGKN7000

Combination of continuous blade and head profile makes 3D skills easier to perform

• Level: Elite
• Composition: 80% Carbon, 20% Aramid
• Bow: Late bow
• Length: 36.5, 37.5
• Targeted Weight: 570 grams

Elite Sticks At the elite level, innovation and technology combine to create the most advanced hockey sticks in the world. They are on the cutting edge of development so they evolve each year with the game! These sticks are designed to maximize power without sacrificing touch.

The Late Bow This low bow is typically about 25mm and the highest point is close to the toe of the stick. This shape offers extra assistance with lifting the ball, aerials and drag flicking, as well as dynamic ball movement.