Goalkeeping Drills for Field Hockey DVD

Goalkeeping Drills for Field Hockey DVD
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Goalkeeping Drills for Field Hockey DVD   Item # HV80DVD
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    with Tara Danielson, Stanford University Head Coach; 3x NorPac Coach of the Year, member of the U.S. National Field Hockey Team (1998-2005) and Patrick Cota, Stanford University Assistant Coach; member of the U.S. National Field Hockey Team (1999-2012), accumulated 119 international caps in his career

    Stanford Goalkeeper Coach Patrick Cota presents a system of skills and drills to develop a sharper, quicker, more efficient goalkeeper. Coach Cota covers the following concepts:
    • a progression of dynamic footwork movement
    • a progression of dynamic movement, right and left hand with stick and glove
    • a progression of dynamic movement, right hand stick
    • leg guard drills with progression to slide
    • rapid fire shots all directions
    • goalkeepers' stance
    The presentation begins with stretching and warm-ups for the entire team. A quick review of goalkeeping techniques gives a high level summary of what will be covered before the individual techniques are explained and broken down to their basic components and theory.

    Coach Cota details the goalkeeper's stance and the importance of executing it correctly. The stance is explained so that goalkeepers can achieve explosive energy when making saves. This gives players the ability to clear the ball after the save, which effectively eliminates the opportunity for rebound shots. Employing the philosophy of clearing the ball on each save is a key component to being a successful goalkeeper.

    Proper footwork is key to making saves and clearing the ball. Coach Cota provides detailed instruction beginning with the stationary stance and concluding with the correct technique to handle each specific shot and exploding through the saves. The goalkeeper is taught to drive through the shots, maintaining balance in an effort to handle any shot that comes.

    The workout progresses to reactionary saves. With quick passes, the point of attack may change which means the goalkeeper must adjust with quick, sharp moves and not be caught out of position. Coach Cota challenges goalkeepers by not announcing what shot they will be required to save. These shots are practiced at game speed.

    In addition to providing a direction on goal-tending techniques that builds upon the basics, this presentation explains how and why a given movement is best suited for a specific shot.

    This presentation gives a wealth of information to train someone who, on many occasions, is the last player left to defend the goal.

    38 minutes. 2014.