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The time it takes from when the pitcher releases a softball to when it reaches home plate is roughly half a second. Make sure that you can react by choosing the right softball bats for your personal needs. Longstreth gives you all of the best options to choose from, so that you can be certain to give yourself every chance to make contact with the ball in the very limited time that you have. Regardless of your preferred brand, Longstreth has it. This includes classic bats from Easton and Louisville, along with their latest innovative designs. Other brands featured include DeMarini, Worth, and Mizuno. If you are looking for composite softball bats, we carry a large selection! You can also protect and customize your bats with grips, sleeves and other accessories, all available at Longstreth Sporting Goods! Checkout our collection below.

Softball Bats and Weighting

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a bat is its weighting. The weighting of the bat falls into two categories: balanced and end-loaded. A lot of the decision about whether to use a balanced or an end-loaded bat comes down to personal preference, but there are some advantages to both choices. A balanced bat will swing more easily, and gives more control to the hitter. This might allow the hitter to check a swing more easily and place a hit ball more precisely. It also gives more inexperienced players the ability to swing without feeling as much fatigue. The end-loaded bats, while more difficult to swing, tend to give much more power to the hitter. Some hitters even report gaining twenty feet or more of hitting distance just by switching to an end-loaded bat. Any bat marked with a -13 to -10 rating is generally accepted as a balanced bat. End-loaded bats are marked -9 or -8.

The next time you step to the plate you can have the confidence to know you have the right bat in your hands. Whether you prefer an Easton or a Mizuno, a balanced or an end-loaded bat, at Longstreth we have the right selection of softball bats for you.