Dita CompoTec C60 Field Hockey Stick

Item Number: ADC6018
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Dita CompoTec C60 Field Hockey Stick   Item # ADC6018

Attack with a powerful strike and a forgiving rebound.

• Level: Advanced
• Bow: Regular Bow
• Composition: 60% Carbon
• Length: 36.5, 38
• Targeted Weight: 545 grams

Dita Sticks have been a leading brand since 1891. They're dedicated to field hockey gear made for top international players who love the game.

Advanced Sticks This group of sticks is cutting edge for the progressive athlete. They are powerful, but more flexible and forgiving than the elite sticks. These typically have a little less carbon than the elite sticks which allows for a softer touch and increased control for the advanced player honing their skills.

The Regular Bow A regular bow has the highest point of the bow placed in the midsection or center of the shaft, assisting in every skill of the game. The bow’s measurements range from 20mm to 25mm depending on the stick.