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Cradlebaby - Lacrosse Training Ball

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Cradlebaby - Lacrosse Training Ball   Item # BLCB
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Longstreth Sporting Goods Store LOVES the Cradlebaby. Our Lacrosse manager uses this training tool all the time. It's fun and useful! It's perfect for any lacrosse player to hone their individual stick skills. It securely attaches to the top of the lacrosse head and increases training time and repetitions. It's great to use indoors and outdoors. Because the standard sized ball is tethered to the stick, it ensures the ball will not mistakably go flying through the air. Use this training aid to practice different cradles, switching hands, stick tricks, and, most importantly, to improve wrist strength. It also serves as a great way to practice one-handed catches on the draw.

  • Perfect for individual stickwork
  • Securely attaches to tip of head
  • Lanyard is approximately 16.5 inches
  • Standard NCAA certified white lacrosse ball
  • Individually packaged

Goalkeeper CradleBaby also available.