Slazenger Aero Ultimate Field Hockey Stick

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Slazenger Aero Ultimate Field Hockey Stick   Item # ASAU
Sports Product Description
  • Quad core late bow with offset handle; improves power and control
  • Composition: 90% Carbon, 5% Fiberglass, 5% Kevlar
  • Bow: Late Bow - 24 mm
  • Length: 36.5, 37.5
  • Targeted Weight: 550 grams

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product review Pure Offense
I play forward and attacking midfield or wing and this stick fits my style of play perfectly. The late bow makes it very easy to lift and flick the ball but be careful with drives as you will lift the ball very easily if your stick has any angle upwards at all. Reverse chips also come with ease with this stick. You cant beat the price for the amount of carbon that this stick has.