Positional Skills and Drills for Defense DVD

Positional Skills and Drills for Defense DVD
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Tracey Griesbaum coaches you through over 15 drills to build your run stifling defense from the ground up. Griesbaum explains defensive responsibilities for each position and demonstrates drills that can be used for every player on your team. From defenders to forwards, each of your players will learn how to apply pressure to create turnovers and reduce goals scored on your team. Starting with on-ball pressure, Griesbaum demonstrates fundamental drills that build the foundation for a solid defender. Moving into defensive simulations, Griesbaum teaches you drills that simulate game occurrences so your players are prepared when it comes game time. Griesbaum also takes you through intercepting drills to help teach your players how to break up passing lanes to force turnovers. Finally, Griesbaum shows a series of drills for your forwards to help them apply pressure on your opponent's back line. With this instructional field hockey DVD, you will be able to build your team's defense, just like Griesbaum's 2008 top-10 defensive team.

Duration: 44 minutes