Longstreth Womens Sports

Lacrosse Product Guarantee
Products are guaranteed in accordance with manufacturer’s warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Many manufacturers require that
defective merchandise be returned to them for inspection or repair. If an item is replaced, it will be replaced with the same product and returned to you
freight pre-paid. Longstreth will be happy to assist you in this process. Please call for details. All returned equipment will be examined by our lacrosse
specialists to determine whether equipment is defective or broken.

Stick Guarantee

All heads are guaranteed for six months against breakage. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee handles. When returning a cracked head, you must unscrew
the head from the handle and return only the head. Please do not send the handle back! In the event that you return the handle it will be sent back to
you with the new head if the returned head was determined to be defective.

Return Procedures
Step #1:
Call 1-800-545-1329 for your Return Authorization Number (RA#).
Authorization is required for all returns
Step #2:
Complete the returns form provided with your order.
Step #3:
Add the RA# to the SHIP TO address
Longstreth Returns, RA#____________
78 Wells Road
Parker Ford, PA 19457
Step #4:
Please send your package via UPS or U.S. mail. We will credit your
account for shipping if the return is due to our mistake.