Grays GX5000 Composite Field Hockey Stick

Item Number: AGGX50006
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Grays GX5000 Composite Field Hockey Stick   Item # AGGX50006
Sports Product Description

The construction of carbon and aramid generate maximum power. While the fiberglass matrix provides control, balance and feel.


  • Level: Advanced
  • Bow: Regular bow profile - 20 mm bow (A regular bow has the highest point of the bow placed in the midsection or center of the shaft, assisting in every skill of the game. It varies in its measurement with a bow ranging from 20mm to 25mm depending on the stick.)
  • Composition: 40% carbon, 50% fiberglasse, 10% aramid
  • Length: 36, 37, 38
  • Weight: ~580 grams, 36 stick