Goalkeeping Basics: Secrets for Success DVD

Goalkeeping Basics: Secrets for Success DVD
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Goalkeeping Basics: Secrets for Success DVD   Item # HV47DVD
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with Lisa Cellucci, University of Iowa Women's Field Hockey Associate Head Coach; 3X All-American (University of Iowa); U.S. National Team member (1999-2000); US Junior National Team Camp Coach and US HPTC Midwest Coach

Coach Lisa Cellucci draws upon her extensive playing experience to coach the finer points of playing in the goal. The first segment comprises a series of warm-up drills that focus on footwork, quick change of direction, and hand eye coordination. A variety of kicking drills teach proper technique in the goal, as well as "V" kicking, accuracy clearing, close-range accuracy clearing, wide-range accuracy clearing and end line balls. Cellucci demonstrates the components of proper lunging technique, including drills that are done at various distances.

Other skills that are taught include fielding aerial balls, the standing block, defending penalty corner shots and more. Cellucci goes into great detail when teaching and includes drill work to fine-tune each skill.

Duration: 40 minutes