Goal Scoring Skills & Drills For Field Hockey DVD

Goal Scoring Skills & Drills For Field Hockey DVD
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Goal Scoring Skills & Drills For Field Hockey DVD   Item # HV60DVD
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with Tjerk Van Herwaarden, Harvard University Head Coach; former University of Maryland Technical Director/Coach; 2011 & 2010 Back-to-Back National Champions;

National championship coach Tjerk van Herwaarden demonstrates more than 10 simple exercises that focus on improving the power, accuracy and quickness of your shot.

van Herwaarden teaches effective scoring skills that can be used in a variety of game situations:
  • Shooting off of a move
  • Shooting off of a pass while facing the goal
  • Shooting off of a pass with your back to the goal
  • One touch scoring
  • Scoring close to the goal
Starting at the top of the circle, van Herwaarden focuses demonstrates how to execute the basic shot and the reverse shot. The reverse shot is an important skill for every player as it is difficult for the keeper to track and makes it difficult to defend the attacker. Another area of focus in these drills is the ability to take the ball away from the defense to create space for a shot.

Since a majority of the goals scored in field hockey happen close to the goal, van Herwaarden demonstrates a number of combination scoring drills to fine tune your one touch scoring skills. These drills work on scoring with limited time and space, rebound shots with no back swing, shots off deflections and more.

Throughout the DVD, van Herwaarden demonstrates how to correct the common errors that rob your players of power and accuracy on their shots.

These proven drills are done regularly in Maryland's practices leading to four trips to the NCAA finals in five years. Incorporate them into your practice today!

Duration: 66 minutes