Gary Gait: Coaching Girls Lacrosse - Intermediate Stick Skills and Dodging DVD

Gary Gait: Coaching Girls Lacrosse - Intermediate Stick Skills and Dodging DVD
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with Gary Gait, Syracuse University Women's Head Coach, Coach of the NLL Champions (2006); member of the United States Lacrosse National Hall of Fame (2005) and the National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame

Gary Gait picks up where Coaching Girls Lacrosse - Basic Skills & Drills left off, exploring the next level of skills coaches can teach their players. Effective passing starts with stick protection, which involves positioning yourself between the stick and the defender. Cradle the ball to protect it whether preparing to pass or shoot. Passing skills include throwing across the body, away from the body and straight toward your target. Side-arm technique is also covered. Once passing to different directions is mastered, players can move on to faking one direction and passing another. Practice passing at a greater distance to add power and speed to your skills. Once players have learned how to control the stick with two hands, they can start to develop the ability to use just one hand. Finally, the players can use their newly developed skills against a defender in live situations. Coach Gait also shows trick passes, catches and shots that can be used to throw off defenders. Gait finishes by showing how to incorporate advanced dodging skills in your game.

50 minutes. 2007.

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