Drills for Building a Shooting Zone Strategy DVD

Drills for Building a Shooting Zone Strategy DVD
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Drills for Building a Shooting Zone Strategy DVD   Item # HV77DVD
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with Ainslee Lamb, Boston College Head Coach; has served as the head coach for the US National Team at the U17, U19 and U21 levels.

Create a "shooting zone" philosophy that your players can apply to the decisions they make when shooting. Unlike most shooting instruction that focuses only on the shooter, Ainslee Lamb teaches you 11 drills that consider not only the shooter, but where ball is coming from.

Most instructional DVD's for shooting concentrate only on the action of the shooter. Coach Lamb provides drills that include the action of the ball carrier prior to them passing to the shooter. In this way, players are able to experience and practice game-like shooting. When both players are working together to create shooting opportunities, they are able to develop a more sophisticated offense that is harder for goalies to make plays against.

Using white board explanations and on field demonstration, Coach Lamb explains the importance of establishing a shooting zone and defines what the expectations are for each athlete when in the shooting zone and approaching the shooting zone. You'll then learn drills that cover a variety of game like shooting situations. In this DVD you will learn:
  • The importance of establishing a shooting zone, and what the expectations are when in the shooting zone.
  • Shooting opportunities developed from deflections
  • How to train your players to score off of rebounds
  • How to use reverse stick, sweeps and traps to control the ball and create shooting opportunities
  • To utilize back space from defensive positions to score
Coach Lamb covers the offensive strategies and expectations to guide the action of players when they attack top of circle, how they can execute early and develop the timing they need to be a serious offensive threat.

Listen in as players are given detailed tips that will improve their shooting. Coach Lamb encourages awareness to each shooter's specific style so that each athlete can fine tune their own development. Focusing on fundamentals such as where they need to start winding up to shoot the ball, how to adjust their footwork, creating momentum and torque as well as when to keep their stick close to ball while preparing to shoot are just some of the skills asked of players to challenge themselves on improving.

Coach Lamb provides you with enough detail and layers in each drill that it will be of value across all ages and skill levels and something that you can keep coming back to and finding fresh things. By practicing the details specific to each shot and then building a progressive drill that allows the athlete to see where each shot is most effective, you get a comprehensive instructional DVD that will help player at any level improve their shooting ability.

68 minutes. 2013.