Advanced Tactics and Techniques for Goalkeeping DVD

Advanced Tactics and Techniques for Goalkeeping DVD
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Advanced Tactics and Techniques for Goalkeeping DVD   Item # HV61DVD
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with Marybeth Freeman, Temple University Head Field Hockey Coach; former University of Maryland Field Hockey Associate Head Coach/Goalkeeper Coach Learn elite goalkeeping techniques and decision making skills from one of the most accomplished goalkeepers in NCAA history.

Marybeth Freeman has shared in two NCAA Championships as a player and three NCAA Championships as an assistant coach. In this on-field presentation, Coach Freeman expands on her best-selling DVD "Becoming a Champion Goalkeeper" by sharing advanced techniques and tactics for the goalkeeper position.

Coach Freeman uses live demonstrations to teach the techniques and drills you need to advance your skill set.
  • Kicking - Get a quick overview of the fundamental techniques to successfully jab and lunge.
  • Diving - Learn to read the three situations when goalkeepers must dive.
  • Dive to Save - Learn the proper diving form, the creeping technique to help defend rebound shots and how to cover vertical space.
  • Dive to Intercept - Develop the skill of "preventive hockey," intercept the pass before it becomes a shot on goal.
  • Dive to Tackle - Learn the correct technique and how to time the tackle correctly.
  • 1-on-1 Situations - Learn to engage the attacker, keep the ball in front of you and time your tackle. Especially helpful with the shoot-out rules.
  • Down-Number Situations - Get tips on how to come out of goal and work in tandem with your defender in a down-number situation.

Come to practice this season with a set of goalkeeping tactics and techniques and take your goalkeeping from good to great!

Duration: 48 minutes.