2v1 Progressions: The Building Blocks of Team Attack DVD

2v1 Progressions: The Building Blocks of Team Attack DVD
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2v1 Progressions: The Building Blocks of Team Attack DVD   Item # HV76DVD
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with Ainslee Lamb, Boston College Head Coach; has served as the head coach for the US National Team at the U17, U19 and U21 levels.

Boston College Head Coach Ainslee Lamb concentrates on the principles necessary to win 2v1 match ups. Using white board explanations and on field demonstration, Coach Lamb presents practice drills covering the foundational skills needed to create and win 2v1 situations.

One of field hockey's most fundamental forms is the 2v1 contests. Beginning with simple ball handling drills, Coach Lamb clearly defines a strong foundation to define an offensive philosophy. By adding incremental progressions, Lamb builds an aggressive offensive strategy that creates 2v1 offensive opportunities.

Coach Lamb skillfully details the responsibilities of both the ball carrier and the off-ball player. She delivers skills and theory that will serve as the foundation from which the offensive players can effectively exploit the 2v1 game. Beginning with basic concepts and progressing through detailed offensive strategies, your players will quickly develop into an efficient and purposed offensive team. At the heart of being able to master the 2v1 game are these three essential skills for the ball carrier:
  • Know where the defender is and what their intentions are
  • Know where your team mate is
  • Identify the Dangerous Space that you and you teammate will use against the defense

The off-ball carrier has their own set of responsibilities. The importance of communication, vision, maintaining their presences in a passing lane as well as being positioned in "dangerous space" are some of the core concepts that this 2v1 strategy depend upon. Considerable detail is provided so that any player, at any skill level, will be able to develop their skill and understanding of field hockey so that they will be able to make better decisions and become a formidable offensive threat.

Coach Lamb begins every drill with the offensive player engaging the defender. The defenders reaction drives the decision of the offense. By forcing the defender to react to the ball carrier, the off-ball player exploits the weakness of the defenders inability to cover two offensive players. These same basic scenarios are presented from different positions on the field and from different angles of attack. Through these various presentations, Lamb details a great deal of offensive direction and strategy. As she guides players through these drills, she is constantly reinforcing proper technique and challenging players to sharpen their awareness and react to the details the defender provides that are often overlooked by most offensive players.

Most importantly, Coach Lamb creates a philosophy that players can apply to the decisions they make on the field. This DVD will prove to be an invaluable tool to increase both the players and coaches "Offensive Field Hockey IQ."

78 minutes. 2013.